Meet Our Staff

Please meet all of the Sunset Country Ford staff! Everyone here lives by one simple rule - our customers deserve to have a stress free and informative experience at our dealership, right from purchasing a new or used vehicle all the way to service, parts and collision.

If you can't find who you were looking for using our department links below, please refer to our Contact Us page and one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly.

  • John Sivonen
    John Sivonen
    General Manager
  • Nicole Katona
    Nicole Katona
    Sales Manager
  • Paul Lawson
    Paul Lawson
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
  • Bob Stuart
    Bob Stuart
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
  • Dawn Gray
    Dawn Gray
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
  • Amber Sheloff
    Amber Sheloff
    Finance & Insurance Specialist
  • Jason Marchant
    Jason Marchant
    Service Manager
  • Mandy Armstrong
    Mandy Armstrong
    Service Advisor
  • Kassidy Strachan
    Kassidy Strachan
    Service Advisor
  • Bev McCoy
    Bev McCoy
  • Tylar Wilson
    Tylar Wilson
    Shop Foreman
  • Mike Bodnarchuk
    Mike Bodnarchuk
    Service Technician
  • Liam Quast
    Liam Quast
    Service Technician
  • Ron Westover
    Ron Westover
    Service Technician
  • Rey Zablan
    Rey Zablan
    Service Technician
  • Riyas Kulavan
    Riyas Kulavan
    Service Technician
  • Jared Flatt
    Jared Flatt
    Service Technician Apprentice
  • Greg Belluz
    Greg Belluz
    LOF Technician
  • Chad Dustak
    Chad Dustak
    Vehicle Detailer
  • Nick Gray
    Nick Gray
    Vehicle Detailer
  • Dawn Westover
    Dawn Westover
    Southern Warranty Manager
  • Amanda Collition
    Amanda Collition
    Body Shop Manager
  • Brent Romyn
    Brent Romyn
    Body Shop Technician
  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith
    Body Shop Technician
  • Lawrence Olsen
    Lawrence Olsen
    Body Shop Technician
  • Nick Beyak
    Nick Beyak
  • Matt Brant
    Matt Brant
    Director of Fixed Operations
  • Doug Schollie
    Doug Schollie
    Director of Sales
  • Ken Wickstrom
    Ken Wickstrom
    Director of Finance
  • Trevor Szmon
    Trevor Szmon
    Director of Corporate Analytics and Development
  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    Director of Southern Operations
  • Lauren Nickle
    Lauren Nickle
    Chief of Staff
  • Candi Stevens
    Candi Stevens
    Southern Fixed Operations Manager
  • Tyson Dennis
    Tyson Dennis
    Facilities & Safety Manager
  • Craig Hyatt
    Craig Hyatt
    Assistant Facilities Manager
  • Robyn Judson
    Robyn Judson
    Assistant Facilities Manager
  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams
    Senior IT Manager
  • John Ducharme
    John Ducharme
    IT Manager
  • Holly Kaemingh
    Holly Kaemingh
    Marketing & Public Relations Manager
  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson
    Assistant Marketing & PR Manager
  • Amanda Green
    Amanda Green
    Assistant HR Manager
  • Michael Jolicoeur
    Michael Jolicoeur
    Controller of Southern Operations
  • Charmaine Quindoza
    Charmaine Quindoza
    Office Manager
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